Performance Fundamentals

At Madison Conservatory, we aim to provide all students with solid foundational training such that they can achieve mastery. Teaching excellent technique and promoting good habits from the beginning ensures that the student can follow their imagination with facility and ease.

Once weekly group class for beginning string players to reinforce skills taught in private lessons and to learn ensemble skills, musicianship, and active listening, and introductory music theory. Group classes are 30-45 minutes long, and sectioned by experience level and skill mastery. There is a mandatory information session and Q&A for parents/guardians.
Weekday rehearsals for homeschoolers to experience music making in interactive peer groups. Groups will be formed to be developmentally appropriate. Private instrumental study is a prerequisite.
Share the joy of music with your preschooler in this play-based introductory class. Our preschool music teachers have a song for everything! We will use movement, percussion instruments, stories, and songs to help young children internalize basic musical concepts and prepare them to thrive in the classroom and in future music study.
Madison Conservatory’s expert faculty will help you set and achieve goals for musical performance and study. We currently offer private instrumental lessons as well as private study in composition and music theory. The goal of private lessons is to build skill and confidence, to allow students to progress functionally and artistically, and to be able to share their work in group classes, in performance, and in the community. With a focus on strong fundamentals and bullet-proof technique, we will help students find their creative voice, ease and facility of playing, and develop skills that help them to be the musicians they want to be.The frequency and length of lesson will be determined by the teacher, with parent input, to best support the student’s developmental needs and and foster progress.
Once-weekly 60 minute intermediate to advanced ensemble class focused on fostering confidence and excellence in ensemble playing. This class offers an introduction to non-idiomatic improvisation through the use of improvisation games and exercises, conducted improvisation, graphic scores, as well as a hands-on introduction to modern composition techniques and New Music.
Essential training twice weekly in Music Theory fundamentals, ear training and notation. In it we’ll study keys, basic tonal harmonic theory, compound and simple meters & conducting, interval and chord quality recognition, sight reading, beginning study of notation and counterpoint, music appreciation listening assignments.
Review of keys, beginning Roman numeral analysis, basic piano skills, ear training/recognition, dictation, harmony through the Baroque era, first-third species counterpoint, sightreading, further rhythmic study and conducting, music appreciation listening assignments.
Beginning score analysis, dictation, harmony through the Late Classical period, ear training/recognition, fourth species counterpoint, polyrhythms & metric modulation, introduction to sonata form, beginning Music History.
Madison Conservatory students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of exciting musical projects and performances. Private teachers will help match students with the appropriate events that will further musical progress, inspire them, and help them to share the joy of music with the community.