Precollege Division

Students who want to earn a place at a college conservatory and pursue a professional career in music need more than talent and ambition. Madison Conservatory has the resources and experience that career-oriented students need to prepare them for success in the wider world.

Madison Conservatory is pleased to host incredible artists from diverse musical fields for performances and lecture on their work and fields of study, ranging in context of single performances to extended residencies.
Monthly 90 minute masterclass featuring more advanced students at various stages of preparation on solo pieces. The class is structured for several students to play their piece for the class and receive performance coaching from a master teacher and constructive comments from peers. This format is designed to create a supportive community of young musicians, and give students the opportunity to learn performance skills in real time. These classes will be open to the public, so family and friends can preview their students’ recitals. Video or audio recordings are permitted only with the express written consent of participants and parents.
Non-pianists can strengthen their instrumental skills by getting to know the keyboard. With an emphasis on basic technique, harmony and voicing, musicians can gain knowledge and insight into how to make their repertoire sing! This class is invaluable to orchestral instrumentalists, vocalists, and anyone who hopes to “test out” of piano requirements necessary to earn a bachelors or masters degree in music performance.
We support students preparing orchestral, conservatory and scholarship auditions, and concerto competitions by offering a more intensive focus on the specific skills required to be successful in very competitive musical environments. Topics covered may include advanced technique and theory, performance psychology, juried mock auditions, and live performance practice of professional repertoire. Additionally, we will help your student forge connections with professors and conservatories, design their practice/competition/audition calendar, and develop personalized systems for coping effectively with stress. Our students have won solo competitions and gained entry and scholarships to major conservatories such as Oberlin, New England Conservatory of Music, Peabody, CCM, and San Francisco, and perform during the summer as principal players at major festivals.
Students hoping to begin a career in music benefit greatly from personalized advising. Advisors maintain connections with major festivals and conservatory professors and admissions in order to help aspiring musicians find the most beneficial fit for their collegiate work.
Twice a year, Madison Conservatory hosts mock auditions to give students a trial run at their orchestral, competition, or other audition program. The participants will play their audition in a controlled, realistic audition setting and receive jurist comments to help them direct their work in the practice room and in private study.